A little news from the dance world at American Ballroom and I hope everyone is doing well.
Donna Amice spent much of her adult life tending to ill family members and, in the process, lost her sense of self. But once she started dancing, she embraced a new identity. She credits her moves on the dance floor with bringing her a sense of hope, happiness, and vitality. She's passionate about her new-found love and has no plans to stop. "I'll keep dancing as long my legs carry me," Amice says. To view please click on the following link.

1523 Parkway Avenue Ewing, NJ 08628

We also have a new addition to the family which we adopted from the Burlington County Animal Alliance at: ( Her name is Gabby and she's quite a handful . She has a great personality, a lot of energy and loves her toys. They call her the monkey dog (an Affenpincher). Gabby has setteled in and loves her daddy and Mommy

Joe Iorio is a gentleman I have gotten to know for the past five years that is a lady killer when it came to dancing. Joe just had his 94th birthday Friday March 7th 2011 and we celebrated it at the Hamilton senior center with his friends at the weekly dance class Fridays at 10am. Joe passed away on April 21st due to complications with his heart. I will miss him very much and always remember his witty sense of humor and those sandwiches he use to make me as well as him beating me at pool every Friday. We became friends and shared our life experiences, our age difference didn't affect our friendship because he always had something nice to say about everyone. I will miss you very much Joe and may God bless you.